About SKD

About SKD

SK Diamonds have been professionally grading diamonds behind the scenes for the jewellery trade since 1956.

Now the SKD Certificate has been launched to bring our expertise to the public and address the growing concern over frequent misrepresentation of diamond qualities. Consumers need to be assured that the diamond they are buying is the same as that advertised, something that can only be done through professional assessment.

To the untrained eye, two diamonds that appear identical can actually be of completely different qualities, and therefore values. Even the smallest of differences in grade can effect the diamond´s worth.

The skill of grading diamonds comes with years of experience and acquired knowledge and our aim is to be able to use these expertise to give consumers confidence when buying. Our professional graders are dedicated to providing an accurate and reliable report using the most up-to-date technology. Each diamond we scrutinise undergoes an exacting process of rigorous and stringent tests, before grading.


The SKD certificate is simply the culmination of this work which attests to the diamond´s authenticity based on internationally recognised standards.

This means that if your jewellery purchase is accompanied by an SKD Certificate, you can trust in the quality of the diamonds.